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WHAT A GREAT RACE Waldgeist beats Enable 2019 L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE!





FIND YOUR HORSE (Thoroughbreds):


Last Update: Dec. 11, 2020


Alphabetical List of Horses on file - Last Race Todos 




NOTE: ON DUBAI WORLD CUP DAY - using these simple numbers - no speed figs or any

             other fabricated scheme - we just hit the double $188 in the 6th onto the 7th races      


Speed figs are concocted numbers designed to evaluate horses. The thing is, they are fudged

with various extraneous subjectively picked variables which over time skewer the results or

evaluations and produce inconsistencies in the entire evaluation of horses. They are ok on an

individual horse to show a trend .. improving or dropping form because that is the only valid



Racing is relative to TODAY’s field. There is a way of using the existing numbers, say from DRF ,

doing the calculations quickly and accurately and getting a valid RELATIVE ranking.


I have given this method to some TV people (very few) who use it successfully. I will sell it for

a small amount to anyone interested – you may converse by email , kertjk@teksavvy.com

before you make a decision. I’m retired, I don’t care if you buy it or not , I’m just not going to

give anything away when all those turkeys are out there gathering coin.






STEP 1:    For each horse, select the Todos number that is relevant to  today's

               conditions. MOST OFTEN it is  simply the last one BUT NOT  ALWAYS.


STEP 2:   Rank the horses in each race according to   the Todos number,  and  make

              a GENERAL  assumption that the top 4 are live.


STEP 3: Go through each of these top 4 with the  Form and look for  intangible

             reasons why  they should NOT  be considered contenders;  if you find some,

             move them out, move  others  up.


STEP 4: When the wagering starts, if there is heavy betting on a horse not in the

             top 4, or if there is a favourite you already know of not in the top 4 ..

             consider hedge bets with these other horses on top in Exactors over your

             top 4.  Sometimes, the Todos has pointed these out as false favourites

             correctly . sometimes, these are improving horses that are only about to

              achieve a competitive rating against the group they are running against.

              These are judgement calls, if the odds are worth it, cover yourself, if not,

              leave the race alone if you feel uncomfortable.


             On Improving Horses:  the Todos graph, if it is moving steadily upward for

             a horse not rated in the top 4, project the line in your head to today's date;

             if that new Todos number would be competitive with the  top 4 . use that

             horse. Improving horses at big prices are dangerous !!!!


STEP 5: Reverse use of Todos; last week at Saratoga, in a maiden grass race, trainer

             Pletcher was bringing back a horse off a 6-7 month lay-off. An early race of

             the horse was very good but not enough to put him in the top 4 . however,

             the horse was much younger then and would not have equally been able to

             earn a number like the horses all active recently. I just asked myself, if the

             horse runs as well as he did 6 months ago, would he beat the top 4 . at 7-1,

             I concluded he would and bet exactors over my top 4 . indeed he won and

             paid out at a handsome price. Todos gave me the point of comparison and

             the contenders to compare with !!!!




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